I’m Back!

After a very long, stressful few weeks, I am now back home in Canada from the US!

Now Shooting Hardcore!

As you all know, I have been strictly shooting solo masturbation photos and videos for the last 5 years. Now it’s time to shoot some boy/girl!

It’s Finally Here!

Hi everyone! I want to officially welcome you to my new site and blog with a little overview and intro!

I’ve had my website since 2011, have been in porn and modeling since the fresh age of 18, and now I’ve finally got a brand new site! It’s been a long time coming, and I couldn’t be happier.

Men vs. Women on Sex, Love, Lust and Porn


A word of caution: This is a very long post. I got a little carried away.

I first wanted to write this entry due to the differences I’ve noticed on facebook, online articles, forums, picture comments, and personal experiences that men and women view on certain topics regarding sex and relationships. It’s long been believed that women are the more jealous gender, and men think with their penises.

Negativity Toward Porn Stars


I’ve been noticing the negativity surrounding porn stars, strippers, and escorts that’s plastered all over the internet, news, and in society as a whole for years, as I’m sure many others have. It’s hard not to.

How Porn Affects Our Sex Lives: Part 2


There’s a lot of abuse, violence, and torture in porn. Choking, slapping, using whips and paddles, spitting on faces, calling names, pulling hair, gagging, yanking arms, etc. Some people, both men and women, do enjoy rough sex and BDSM, but not everyone does.